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Program Management

Program Management is the coordinated planning, prioritization, support and management of all program components and functional disciplines necessary to achieve program success.

Odell-Intl is a recognized leader in the field of providing program management services in the functional disciplines necessary for project success. We offer Clients a proven global platform through our vast network of strategic alliances for delivering consistent, quality results. Our goal is to find practical solutions to project challenges. We can assist your organization in the development of your initial project strategy and provide you with clear guidelines for creating a sound project organization. Tailored to your specific needs, we provide you with a broad spectrum of project management services, ranging from a full project management team to complementing your staff¹s existing skills through temporary project management support.

We can provide or assist you in detailed project planning, scheduling, and budgeting, and creating innovative ways through use of our systems approach for you to track project schedules and financial and technical performance. We will develop information technology systems to automate and integrate these various functions within your organization. In addition, we will train your staff to implement the best industry project management practices. Odell-Intl is ready to make your project a success!

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